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Survey answers to questions 1 and 2.
October 03, 2016


Question 1:  Are you familiar with our individual stylist pricing system?

Result:  50% of our guest are not aware or would like to know more about this system.


Our prices vary to the demand of our stylist time. All our stylists are highly qualified and go through an extensive training program. However, some have a higher demand on their time than others, and their prices reflect that. Demand of time is simple economics. If a stylist has a higher demand of time they earned the right to charge a premium price based on exceed our goals.  Here is a list of our stylists that reflect the highest demand (#1) to the newest members of our salon that are working on their career goals.
  • Amanda
  • Nicole
  • Rebecca
  • Audrey
  • Autumn
  • Ashleigh
  • Michelle
  • Kaylee (New Talent)
  • Kate J (New Talent) 
Our website has each team member's  price list. located in their BIO page.

Question #2: Have you heard about our "Associate" or "new talent" mentor program for new stylists joining our team?

Survey Result, 50% of our guests have not heard about our Associate program.  


  • Amanda and I created a program last year that helps new cosmetologist that are fresh out of school excel in our salon that has a higher standard and price point. Lets face it, no guest wants a $40 haircut from a fresh beauty student. Not to say a new stylist couldn't pull it off, but It take 10,000 hours to perfect your craft. Our program helps increase that craft by practicing right away! Think of it as a hands-on Master's degree program for cosmetologist.
  • The program takes 10-40 weeks depending on how well the stylist excels through the levels of the program. The program includes, homework, quizzes, cutting and color certifications, on-going training of our high standards of service and even product knowledge. Every new stylist we add to our team is put through our program.
  • How does this benefit you?
  First be on the lookout for "new talent model calls", They include, $20 designer haircuts, and $45 color services, and even discounted speciality services .  Enjoying the Bombshell experience at these prices is an amazing opportunity if you have a Beauty Budget.  

Hope this information was enlightening and answered any questions you may have had with our programs.


Stay tuned for more Q&A from our growth survey!

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