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Do Services Suffer in Small Towns?
October 21, 2017


If you are an avid social media enthusiast like the stylists here at Bombshell, then you know just how powerful social media can be - good or bad.  It seems like we get all of our news from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or whatever other websites we subscribe to.  But what about when we look for new hair inspiration?  Have you ever looked at where those stylists are working?  It's always interesting when you find the origin of the pictures we see on Instagram, or Pinterest because they come from all over the place.  Here is the kicker - the only thing that matters when you bring those pictures to our stylists is what you're trying to get out of your service.

"Finding a stylist is a little like finding a date; you have to find who is right for you."  - Alexandra Daddario

If you brought a picture of any Instagram/Pinterest-found balayage to your stylist here at Bombshell, they might give you a vocabulary list a mile long of different techniques, and products that were used to achieve that look.  Chances are that you wouldn't have any idea what they were actually talking about (unless you read our previous blog on hair vocabulary!), because you probably didn't go to cosmetology school.  Here at Bombshell, we strive to constantly improve and update our education to accommodate the ever-changing trends that social media brings.  That takes us to the title of this post:  Do services suffer in small towns?  The answer is no - at least they don't here at Bombshell.

So, what makes a service top notch?  Is it using the most intricate, and detailed techniques out there?  Or is it being educated, and well informed on what is popular and working for other stylists and clients?  What about using the best products available?  We believe that it is the mixture of both that sets Bombshell apart from other salons.  We aim to deliver world-class services in an experience that is unique to every person that steps through our front door.  That experience is what we call the "Bombshell Experience".

Whether it is taking to time to give you that extra-special-Instagram-worthy-style, or having a photo shoot at our new photo area, we are here to give you the best experience you could ever.  Your hair should be in the picture that other people bring to their stylist when they go in for an appointment!  Nobody would ever know that it was done in Bismarck!  We want every person that comes through our door to walk out looking and feeling better than ever before - like a Bombshell!  And that all starts with the five-star service that we offer in downtown Bismarck, North Dakota.

In the age of technology, there is no reason for salon services to suffer in "small towns".  Whether you are in New York, New York or downtown Bismarck, North Dakota, you can find some of the most talented stylists out there!

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